Check Out Andre Angassi’s Nike Air Tech Challenge Pro III’s

If there’s one thing that can be truly stated about Andre Agassi, it’s that he has a sense of style that is unrivaled in the world of tennis. Not only has “The Las Vegas Kid” been a champion on the tennis court, he has also served as inspiration because of his own line of signature tennis shoes by Nike. The latest kicks in Agassi’s line of athletic shoes are the Nike Air Tech Challenge III. These stylish tennis shoes are made of premium acid-washed black denim, which gives them a nostalgic look and feel that is classic and contemporary.


Unlike Nike Air Tech Challenge styles that preceded this rendition of the shoe that liberally used bright, fluorescent color accents throughout their designs, this pristine version of the Nike Air Tech Challenge is clean and uncomplicated. That means it’s easier than ever to pair them with your favorite pair of jeans or wear them while dominating your favorite sport. You may just opt to keep these kicks in mint condition so you can add them to your growing collection of premium athletic shoes!


If you’re the type who places faith in product reviews, you’ll be happy to know that the Nike Air Tech Challenge line of athletic shoes has consistently received high rankings from people who have purchased and worn all the different versions. Nike Air Challenge III kicks deliver the same kind of support, comfort, and style that fans have come to expect.

This high-end signature sneaker offers men a high-level of ankle support and features a Huarache neoprene sock liner for maximum levels of comfort and style. They’re made of durable premium leather along with synthetic materials that combine to create a solid shoe that is both trendy and enduring. No matter whether you plan on wearing them to run roughshod on your competitors in the sport of your choice or you want to wear them for everyday use, the herringbone rubber outsole tread offers multi-surface traction that works amazingly well in all conditions. An air sole unit in the heel of the shoe provides you with extended impact protection when they’re being worn in a highly competitive or incredibly strenuous situation.


If you’re looking for an awesome pair of sneakers with an authentic throwback 90’s look and feel, you’ll quickly discover that the Nike Air Challenge III has everything you’re looking for in a brand new pair of premium athletic shoes.

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