Walter's in Atlanta

A Name to Remember
Founded in 1952

Praised for its trailblazing concepts, coveted collections, and commitment to the culture and community, Walter’s Clothing is treasured as a forefather in Atlanta’s sneaker identity. Cherished founder, Walter Strauss, led a life of compassion and modernism that became an integral part of the store’s DNA from its opening in 1952. Throughout the years, Walter’s Clothing has and continues to build a legacy that makes it a “Name to Remember.”

Walter's Clothing Founder
Walter Strauss

Strauss was born in Alsfeld, and after escaping the perils of Nazi Germany, landed in Atlanta, Georgia to begin pursuing his dream in order to support his family. Amidst the tense relations surrounding the civil rights movement during that time, Strauss rebelled against societal norms and embraced African Americans both as patrons and employees.

His progressive approach along with an unwavering loyalty to his community and customers is what grew the brand from a local gem to a global sensation.

Our Community

Supporters of Walter’s Clothing include some of the city’s most iconic musicians, elite NBA and NFL athletes, and famed actors. Whether you’re getting an exclusive release or sharing that special moment with someone copping their first pair of kicks, Walter’s Clothing has solidified itself as a premiere retail boutique that prides itself on dignity, respect, and fellowship.

Today, Walter’s Clothing continues to forge ahead with the passionate and innovative spirit that compelled so many to Strauss throughout his lifetime. Our team is a set of dedicated and hard working individuals, with experience spanning decades in the business, directly as a result of our work-based learning programs. Our exclusive selection of coveted footwear and streetwear apparel is what continues to elevate our presence and allow us to excel as a dominant player in the industry.


Even after becoming one of Atlanta’s signature trademarks, Walter’s Clothing continues to reach new heights; with a compelling ethos surrounding a rich history — filled with care and compassion for all.